Why Sensodyne?

Sensodyne is the #1 brand for sensitive teeth*. Designed to relieve and protect against sensitivity,** all Sensodyne toothpastes offer the benefits of a regular toothpaste—such as cavity protection and fresh taste. For best results, brush twice a day, every day and continue to use it as your daily toothpaste to feel relief now and in the future.

Find out more about Sensodyne and how to relieve tooth sensitivity. 

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Sensitivity Relief with Sensodyne

Learn how Sensodyne toothpaste has ingredients to help relieve tooth sensitivity, with daily use.

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Stannous Fluoride Strengthens Tooth Enamel Anatomy

How It Works

Find out how Sensodyne toothpastes are specially formulated to help relieve sensitive teeth.

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Managing Your Sensitivity

Learn how tooth sensitivity is a common condition, but can be easily relieved.

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Sensodyne Toothpaste Products

Sensodyne Products

Discover the Sensodyne toothpaste range.

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Do you experience a short, sharp pain when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and drinks? Now's the time to think about whether it's caused by tooth sensitivity.

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*NZ IRI MarketEdge, Grocery & Pharmacy Scan Data, Sensitive Segment, Unit Sales, MAT to 03/02/19
**With twice daily brushing